Vinny Palermo

Omaha City Council District 4

I am Vinny Palermo. I was born and raised in South Omaha. I am a graduate of Omaha South High School. My family and I live in the St. Stanislaus neighborhood.

I will make it my personal mission to continue improving public safety, encourage neighborhood development, and provide equitable city services for our community.

I am running for the Omaha City Council District 4 seat. I am asking for you to join me in supporting our community. I am looking forward to working with you!

Your neighbor,
-Vinny Palermo

Public Safety

  • Maintain 4 persons on pumps and trucks, and 2 paramedics on ambulances.
  • Improve emergency response time and increase resources to every neighborhood.
  • Increase neighborhood watch and citizen patrol programs.
  • Provide Omaha police with adequate staffing and equipment to ensure safety.

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Neighborhood Development

  • Request study into westbound off ramp at 24th St along I-80.
  • Quicker turn around on condemned properties.
  • Continue work on thriving Vinton St and South 24th St business district.
  • Redevelop and restore corridor connecting the Zoo and Old Market.

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Equitable City Services

  • Repair aged city streets.
  • Clean up and improve appearance of city parks.
  • Accountability for contractors working on sewer separation project.
  • Maintain critical infrastructure.

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